Sophisticated Seasonal Edit- Halloween

Halloween only comes around once a year, so purchasing decor can be a little frivolous for one day, but there are many versatile decor options to incorporate the holiday fun into your design scheme year round. Call us a crazy witch (!) but we love getting maximum enjoyment from extending the event and decorating our house from mid-October! Let us recommend some stylish solutions that feel sophisticated yet seasonal…


It wouldn’t be Halloween without mentioning pumpkins, but we would like ours to be matte black or with luxe gold touches, please. This modern take on the classic pumpkin, with our tactile and metallic pumpkins adding texture and interest, will instantly elevate your Halloween decor. Place on console tables, side tables and as part of a main centre piece on your dining table. Or, arrange a collection by your doorway or staircase to create a welcoming autumnal entrance.

Black and Gold

Halloween decor doesn’t have to be orange and green! Focus on black and gold as accent colours, to pair with your existing colour theme, adding glamour and a mysterious moody touch to your spaces. Did you know that black is needed in a room to give depth to other colours. With metallic decor, rather than being seen as over the top, adding different materials will actually help to create a balance in the room design. Shop our favourite black and gold pieces below:

Nothing says Autumn like the leaves falling off the trees, and for a low-key decor idea we love our Pussy Willow branches in a stylish vase. Floral arrangements focusing on natural branches, thorns and foliage will see you through season to season. Try our Echinop Spheres in a themed bowl, or add creepy crawlies to our Jade Succulent.